Welcome to Agape Church

Agape Church was formed with just a small hand full of believers in Pastor Guy’s living room back in May of 2012. After serving the Lord as a youth director Pastor Guy felt a strong call from God to come to the Binghamton area to start church. Pastor Guy casted a vision of a local church that could love and lead broken people far from God into a close relationship with Jesus Christ. During the launch of Agape Church Pastor Guy was still finishing his bible degree at Liberty University online while also working a full-time job to support his family. Thanks to the love and encouragement he received from his wife Tanyelle, his son and daughter Scott and Jada, and the prayers of his church family, Pastor Guy was able to finish bible college. As Pastor Guy led Agape forward our ministry gained a personality as a spiritual ER for hurting Christians that have lost their way. With an emphasis on teaching and preaching God’s word, hurting Christian’s found the light needed to find their faiths restored with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since our start Agape has had a couple of different meeting places. We are currently renting space at the old Henry B Endicott middle school in Endicott NY. In our Sunday morning services we worship God through prayer, Bible preaching, and a blend of hymns and contemporary music. Agape Kids is our children’s program that goes on during the Sunday morning service. This is where Miss Tanyelle teaches and reinforces the biblical teaching children receive at home. Parents are more than welcome to have their children join in with Agape Kids or keep their children with them during the church service. Either way we leave that decision up to the parents and fully believe that God can change young hearts in either environment. Without question, we do believe our young adults belong in church. Our Youth Group happens on the first Friday night of each month at 6pm. Every Thursday evening at 630pm we meet for growth groups at Pastor Guy’s house.  During this time we read through and discuss a chapter of the bible, pray together, and fellowship over coffee or cocoa.

Our Core Values
Everything we say and do is done so that God receives 100% of the glory. We glorify God by laying down our lives for the One who gave His. We glorify God by not playing it safe – we have a “bet-the-farm”, risk taking faith that fully knows our God can do the impossible.
We do anything, within the scope of Scripture, to see those far from God experience Jesus. We are found people that find people. Church leadership equips and mobilizes the church to reach the lost. We share the gospel with language our culture understands and cultivate environments that are current; reaching people where they are and telling them about Jesus Christ. We recognize that all people have been created with the need for a relationship with God and a church family. We encourage, equip, and invest in Bible-believing churches and missionaries around the world.
We preach and teach the Bible, with no compromise, in group and one-on-one settings. We teach Biblical theology and focus on their real life applications so knowledge can turn into action. We encourage parents to teach their children the bible as they are the primary discipler of their children.
We are a community that shows one another that this is a group of people where they can belong. We give cheerfully of the time, talents, and treasures that God has blessed us with. The blesses us so we can be a blessing to others. We do life together – we engage one another in and out of church services. We admonish and encourage one another in the love of Christ. We understand that nobody is perfect. We worship and serve a perfect Savior.

Our Staff

Josh Rathmell

Pastor Josh has been in full time ministry for…

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