Plunging Peter

We had a terrific service yesterday at our church and as we have been going through our series on 12 Ordinary Men. I thought of Peter and how eager he was to be publicly restored as the leader within the 11 at that point. I think of the fact that Peter plunged himself towards Christ. It makes me sit and think am I that eager to plunge toward Christ? Do I want to see Christ up close and personal? Would He find points in me that I need to have restoration work done? The Bible says in Romans that “All Have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I know that I am a sinner, and I know that even though I have accepted Christ I still sin. I need to be restored and I should do it with eagerness. Plunging into the Word to see Him everyday. So I challenge you to sit back and think about it are you ready to plunge toward Christ? Look over John 21 and see how Peter was restored and ask yourself am I ready to plunge towards Jesus?

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